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Stirling Castle & Things to see in
Stirling town

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Stirling Castle

Top of the hill Stirling old town

Due to the strategic position of Stirling on the river Forth, particularly in the days of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce (as in 'Braveheart') during the Wars of Independence, Stirling castle has always stirling castle.gif (9996 bytes)been of great importance to the Scottish nation. It has also been a favourite residence of many of the Stuart monarchs.

The first evidence of wooden fortification here dates to the 11th century, but much of the Castle seen today is magnificent renaissance architecture, with strong French influence. The castle offers various  historical displays, 16th century kitchens, guided tours and the superb Regimental Museum of the Argrll and Sutherland Highlanders.

Open: All year. Parking available. MAP

Mar's Wark

Castle Wynd, Stirling Old Town

This elaborately decorated ruin at the head of the Old Town is in fact the surviving shell of a town house, wpe226.jpg (1789 bytes)commissioned around 1569 by the Earl of Mar, Keeper of Stirling Castle and one time Regent of Scotland during the minority of James VI. Following the Jacobite rebellion, in which a later Earl of Mar chose the losing side, the house was converted into barracks. It was further damaged by cannon fire during the 1745-6 rising.





Old Town Jail

St John St, Old Town.

This is the Victorian jail built to replace the 'Tollbooth Prison'. The old Stirling jail can be toured and the effigies of 'inmates' may be seen languishing. Solitary confinement and hard labout was the order of the day and of course the authorities sought to improve the 'moral' attitude of prisoners by enforcing religous attitudes. A viewing platform atop the building affords good views over the town.

Open: All year. Parking available. MAP

The Beheading Stone

wpe229.jpg (1610 bytes)This gruesome reminder of capital punishment is thought to have seen the end of many a famous figure in Scotland's harsher days. James I took his revenge for the misuse of power by the Duke of Albany when in 1425,  the Duke, two of his sons and his father in law the Earl of Lennox were executed here.

Argyll's Lodgingwpe228.jpg (1831 bytes)

Built about 1630 by the first Earl of Stirling this is an inportant example of a renaissance mansion. It has been restored and decorated as it would have been in its heyday. MAP

Stirling old bridge

wpe227.jpg (1653 bytes)This handsome late 15th century bridge was for almost four centuries the lowest bridging point over the River Forth, until Stirling New Bridge opened in 1831. The Old Bridge seen today succeeded earlier structures nearby, including the wooden construction which was at the centre of Sir William Wallace’s brilliant victory over the English at the battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297



Srirling Ladies Rock

wpe22A.jpg (1910 bytes)In the castle cemetery, the Ladies Rock was so named as it was the favourite spot from which the ladies could watch the royal tournaments below. The pyramid nearby commemorates those martyred in the battle for religous freedom

Access from castle esplanade.


Cambuskenneth Abbey

This was an Augustinian settlement, founded by King David I in 1147, within a meander of the River Forth near Stirling. The Abbey waswpe225.jpg (1629 bytes) closely involved with the Battle of Bannockburn (1314); Bruce’s Parliament here in 1326 was the first to include representatives of Scotland’s burghs and James III and his Queen are buried in the grounds. Much of the building was carried away after the Reformation, but the Bell Tower or Campanile (originally 1300) survives in restored condition.
Over the old bridge to Causwayhead, right towards Alloa then signposted on right about 500m.


Stirling Shopping Galore

On a wet day you could spend a morning (and a few pence) in the twin shopping mall of the Thistle and Marches.

Stores include: M&S, BHS, Littlewoods, Pri-Mark, Dixons, Debenham's, Waterfords, and a huge selection of the modern fashion stores and the inevitable shoe shops. Plenty eating places and seats in the mall when the feet get sore!
Loads of parking space in the twin car parks of the 'Thistles' and the Marches' shopping malls. Access off the 'Craigs' roundabout.


Map of Stirling Centre. Click the Red text for information.

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